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October 30, 2011

How to Wear a Scarf

This morning we woke up to a wintry week and as a big winter fan I have quite a collection of scarfs in my closet just waiting for a day like this to come out and get some airSo on a rainy morning like this what is more appropriate then this amazing video I have found that shows 25 different ways to wear a Scarf

הבוקר התעוררנו לתוך שבוע חורפי וכחובבת חורף מושבעת יש לי אוסף לא קטן של צעיפים בארון שרק מחכים ליום שכזה כדי לצאת החוצה ולהתאוורר...אז לבוקר גשום שכזה מה יותר מתאים מהדרכת הוידיאו המקסימה הזו שמצאתי שמראה איך  ללבוש צעיף ב-25 דרכים שונות

October 27, 2011

My morning coffee

I received several emails from Israelis readers asking if I can translate my blog posts into Hebrew. so form now I will write my posts in English for my overseas friends and in Hebrew for my friends in Israel.
Seems like someone is thinks about me ..... every morning my husband and I tend to drink our morning coffee together just before getting ready to work, school and kindergarten, this week my husband was in London for reasons of work and I drank my daily morning coffee aloneThis morning I had a special surprise in my glass and I had to shoot it, after the first sip of my coffee I noticed this heart shape in the glass. I't's looks like a sign telling me that someone thinks about me even from the far away London.

קיבלתי כמה אימיילים מקוראים ישראלים בבלוג ששאלו האים אני יכולה לתרגם את הפוסטים שלי גם לעברית אז בשבילכם .חברים יקרים מעכשיו הפוסטים יכתבו גם באנגלית לטובת חברי מעבר לים וגם בעברית לטובת חבריי מישראל
נראה שמישהוא חושב עליי.....כל בוקר בעלי ואני נוהגים לשתות את קפה הבוקר ביחד דקה לפני שמתארגנים לעבודה, לבתי הספר ולגן. השבוע בעלי היה בלונדון מטעמי עבודה ואת קפה הבוקר היומי שתיתי לבד. הבוקר היתה לי הפתעה מיוחדת בכוס שהייתי חייבת לצלם, אחרי לגימה ראשונה מהקפה גיליתי צורה של לב בכוס נראה ממש כמו סימן שבא להגיד לי שמישהוא חושב עליי גם מלונדון הרחוקה

October 25, 2011

Saturday fun

Last Saturday we visited my parents, my kids really love it when we visiting them because they have everything that kids needs in one place - huge garden to play in, lots of sweets and too many toys. we had an amazing sunny day and my little boy had so much fun driving his little engine car.

October 23, 2011

Sushi night

My brother-in-law and his bushiness partner opened their own japans catering service few weeks ago and to celebrate this spacial occasion they came to our house and made the most amazing Sushi ever. I don't even remember the name of every roll because I was too busy eating ...we had so much fun and everything was so tasty!

October 21, 2011

New in my shop today - More Designed makeup bag

After reading the amazing comments that you all have sent me about the first line of my designed makeup bags, here in my blog and in my mail - Thank you all so much, I'm glad to tell you that I have released three new cosmetics bags today to my Etsy store and hopefully to release few more until the end of next week...I think you going to love those new makeup bags....

October 19, 2011

Wednesday Handmade - Moonandlion Featured store

As a handmade artist and scrapbook addict I was automatically drawn to this amazing store that I have found on, Moonandlion is this week Featured handmade artist.
A little about Moonandlion  - Her name is Macky and she live in Mallorca, an island on the Mediterranean sea. she enjoy working with her hands, getting dirty playing with glue and ink, sowing her studio floor with a gazillion paper scraps. Macky is also a rock'n roll singer, and a fiction writer. her first book is being published later this month! she say that Art is her passion, and she is making her life orbit around it, everyday a little more. 
Visit Moonandlion store on Etsy -

If you like to featured here in my blog please leave me a comment under this post with your name and a link to your shop. 

October 18, 2011

Welcome home Gilad shailt

Hamas frees Israel's Gilad Shalit in prisoner swap this morning, this is such an amazing happy day for all of as here in Israel. We have waited for this moment for over 5 years and now the kid is finely home. Gilad Shalit was a 19-year-old enlisted man guarding an Israeli army post when Palestinian militants attacked his tank, killed the two men he was serving with and took him prisoner. Israel is releasing more than 1,000 prisoners in exchange for Shalit.

October 12, 2011

Unique Design makeup bag - New in my handmade store

You are going to love those new sweet makeup bags that I have uploaded to my handmade store today.
A unique art design zipper makeup bag. 
The outside of this cosmetics pouch is a unique digital art, designed by me using the talented mix made artists Tangie Baxter and  
Sausan designs scrapbooking kit and was printed on a high quality cotton fabric in my own home studio.
This makeup bag is large enough to contain all of your cosmetics essentials like eye shadow, lipstick, makeup, powder, eye liner and more.
This unique cosmetics bag made from medium weight cotton fabrics with a layers of stiffer for extra strength
- Measurement (approximately) : 
7.5 inches width x 7 inches height ( about 19 cm wide X 17.5 cm tall ) with boxing corners
Zipper long is 8" (20 cm)

October 10, 2011

Large Zipper clutch / purse - New in my Handmade store

New in my  handmade store today - Large Zipper clutch / purse
A stylish pleated Large zipper Pouch/ Clutch / Purse made of Light corduroy fabric for your everyday needs, whether you are going for night out or just running your everyday errands, this unique clutch is the perfect fit. This purse is large enough to contain all of your essentials like home key, cell phone, lipstick, credit card, Id and car key and small enough to Carry it comfortably.
MEASUREMENTS (approximately) : 
- Large : 11.5” width X 6.5” height ( about 29.5 cm wide X 16.5 cm tall )
- Zipper long is 10" (25 cm)
This large zipper pouch was based on amazing patterns.

October 07, 2011

Amazing - digital scrapbook layout

I was so honored to get a CT call invitation for the sweetest digital scrap designer Dunia AcauanI just love her kits and her amazing templates and when she asked me to join her team all I had to say is.. YES!
Here is my layout with photos of my amazing daughter using "Take a Chance Kit" by Dunia Designs and her Embrace Simplicity Vol.3 - Layered Templates

October 05, 2011

Teen girls handbag - New in my handmade store

I have two new bags for you today at my Etsy store - Teen girls handbag
This stylish jeans handbag is the perfect gift for your teens girl. 
A young design with funky fabrics and patterns that will brighten up her stylish outfit . 
the bag handles are long enough so you can use it either as handbag or as a shoulder bag.
This handbag closes with a 10 inch zipper to keep everything in
made from denim and cotton fabrics with a layers of stiffer for extra strength
MEASUREMENTS (approximately) : 
10” width X 8” height ( about 25 cm wide X 20 cm tall )
Zipper long is 10" (25 cm)

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