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October 27, 2009

New layout - Little brother

I just love this photo of my DD and my baby boy... they are so sweet together. this photo was taken on March this year. Credit:
- Whimsicowl Autumn by Vera Lim and sausandesigns at
- Rounded Templates Vol1. by Bouille Designs at

October 26, 2009

Mini book - Hybrid

I have finished my first big hybrid project ... I have made this mini book for my son school paper - he need to do a paper about the eye and vision so he made the paper and I turned it in to a mini book - hope his teacher will like it! We are going on the extra credit with this one LOL
Credit: I Robot - The Book by sausandesigns
Photography - Yosi Oren

October 24, 2009

New layout - Thankful heart (Digital)

I have made a new layout today with a photo I really love.. My baby is "playing" the piano with my DH. Credit:
- Warm Your Heart By Eva Kipler and Julie Billingsley at Sweet Shoppe
- Centre Focus Inspiration Template by Rita (Chantilly Lace) at zigzagscrap

October 22, 2009

Growing up - Digital layout

I just finished a new layout today... "Growing up" - a photo of my DD from June 09 at one of our family little girl is growing up so fast, she is almost 10 years now and she dress like a little lady. Credit:
- À la Mode kit by sausandesigns
- Dymolabels - Family by sausandesigns
- Needful Things - Stitches 1 by sausandesigns
- Pixies - 5x7 Overlays by sausandesigns
- Hand-cut templates no. 01 by Ashley Kennedy
- Fall Kraft paper pack by Ashley Kennedy

October 21, 2009

Post it holder - Hybrid

I have seen this cool idea of making post it notes holders somewhere in the net and I had to try it too - its so easy to make and so much fun! I have made one for my boy and one for my girl - they just love them!!! my DD even asked me to make one for one of her class friends. so here they are.... this one was the first I have made and it was for my son. Credit:
Print it - I Robot Note Cards with envelope by sausandesigns
Photographing - my husband

This one is for my DD - she just love those little ghosts. Credit:
Ghoolie Juice Kit by Sausandesigns at

And this last one is for my DD class friend. Credit:
Print it - I Robot Note Cards with envelope by sausandesigns

October 20, 2009

My digital layouts....

It's time to update my blog with some of my digital layouts I have created recently using kits from store - Jen Allyson, Mary Ann Wise and Carina Gardner....
Forever friends - Photo of my older kits, my 9 years girl and my 11 years son. my DH took this photo in one of our walks on the promenade near the sea
Credit: everything from 2peas store.
- Grunge Neutrals Patterned Paper by Mary Ann Wise
- Grunge Neutrals Photo Masks by Mary Ann Wise

My girl -
Photos of my DD with my mother-in-low and my DH from one of our Saturday morning trips. Credit:
- PhotoCuts Masks v. 8 by Carina Gardner at 2paes
- Basic Stitches No1 by Mary Ann Wise at 2peas
- Purple Night paper set by MaryAnnWise
- Word Lines kit by Mary Ann Wise

Explore -
My baby trying to eat his first biscuit by his own for the first time. Credit:
- Template - Magz Inspired Pack template set by Armina designs at gottapixelnet
- Photo Overlays by Jen Allyson
- Organics Fresh Paper by Jen Allyson
- Organics Meadow Paper by Jen Allyson
- Grungy Edges2 Water Stained by Mary Ann Wise
- Garden Vignettes Collection Cards v. 1 by Carina Gardner
- Sticker Doubles by Mary Ann Wise

Celebrate -
my baby boy and I in a family event on July 09. Credit:
- Spot Color - Papers collection by Jen Allyson
- Spot Color - Title Spots by Jen Allyson Spot Color
- Word Rounds by Jen Allyson Sticker Doubles by Mary Ann Wise

October 18, 2009

My baby (Digital layout)

I have a special place in my hart for this layout - I just love this photo of my baby boy, he is about 3 mo old in this photo (he is 8mo now) and he has just started to look around, smile, and communicate in his own way - with his eyes. Credit:
- Spot Color -Element Stickers & Stamps by Jen Allyson at 2 peas
- Curled Photo Frames White by Mary Ann Wise at 2 peas
- Paris & Co-A La Carte Paper Pack by Carina Gardner at 2 peas

October 13, 2009

Blog Freebie - Halloween stickers

I have a little freebie for you tody..... I used to sell this set in my stores but now that I have retired and close all my stores I decided to give it to you as a little halloween gift....check my blog again in few days to grab the part 2 of those fun halloween stickers. Click HERE to grab your freebie.

October 12, 2009

Some more hybrid projects....

I'm so new in the hybrid and card making scrap and have so much to learn - and so many supplies to buy - buy I'm in love with this fun new world!! I can't stop thinking about what will be my next project, I'm just having so much fun!
This card is my favorite so far ...I have made this card for the Tuesday Template (Hybrid Edition)- 10/6/09 at scrapmatters , Credit: Everything is from Spot Colors digital kit by Jen Allyson at

I have also tried to make a mini book for the first time ever ... I'm not sure if I like this book or not but.. there is always a first time to everything. Credit: "Imagine" Brag Book by Lynne-Marie at

Card challenge -

I have made this card weeks ago for the Sep. 30 - card sketch at
I just did not had the time to take a pic of it until this weekend ...I think this is way I love digital scrap so much - no need to take a photo of your work and in the minute you done scrapping you can show it off. Credit: Everything is from Easy Going kit by Eva Kipler at sweet shoppe

October 05, 2009

Photo A Day - My dady and I

The time was about 8pm, Yahav decided that there is now way he's going to sleep and all he wanted to do was to sit on my DH lap and watch the news with him ...and that is how this photo turn out - My DH explaining to my 8mo baby boy everything they see in the TV news....and my baby was very collaborator and looks like he really interesting in whats going on .

October 04, 2009

New layout - My Love

Photo of my mother-in-law and my baby boy on the way to our summer vacation together on Sep.09 ....Credit:
- Word of Love - English by Rita (Chantilly Lace)at zigzagscrap
- Black or White mini-kit by Dúnia Acauan at zigzagscrap
- Clean & Simple Templates Vol.3 by Dúnia Acauan at zigiscrap
- WordCuts No1 by CheekyMonkey at zigzagscrap
- Easy Going by Eva Kipler at SweetShoope

October 03, 2009

New layout - First laugh

I had time to scrap this morning and here is what I ended up with... I have used a photo of my baby boy from April 09. the journaling say - Yahav is laughing for the first time. Credit:
- Sweet Baby Boy kit Cheekymonkey at
- Word Cuts No.1 kit by Cheekymonkey at
- Scrap Easy Templates 2 Dúnia Acauan at

October 02, 2009

New layout - Carefree

It was the end of the winter so we could get the new baby out for a walk to get some fresh air without getting cold, I'm sure that he loved his little trip because it took him only a few min to get in to a great deep sleep. ( photo was taken on April 09).... Credit:
- All papers and elements are from Easy Going kit by Eva kipler ( will be at Sweet Shoppe store on Saturday
- Scrap Easy Templates 2 by Dúnia Acauan at

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