Lilach Oren digital scrapbooking

October 22, 2009

Growing up - Digital layout

I just finished a new layout today... "Growing up" - a photo of my DD from June 09 at one of our family little girl is growing up so fast, she is almost 10 years now and she dress like a little lady. Credit:
- À la Mode kit by sausandesigns
- Dymolabels - Family by sausandesigns
- Needful Things - Stitches 1 by sausandesigns
- Pixies - 5x7 Overlays by sausandesigns
- Hand-cut templates no. 01 by Ashley Kennedy
- Fall Kraft paper pack by Ashley Kennedy

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  1. they grow up too fast. *sigh*

    Your layout is beautiful. I love the design.


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