Lilach Oren digital scrapbooking

August 30, 2011

Last summer day

Just a moment before everything will be back to normal, the kids will be back to school and my house will be all mine again the kids had a fun pool day with yummy barbecue and PlayStation games in the end. they all had so much fun..and me, I'm just waiting to get my life back after this long summer and can't wait to get back to my sewing and to my scrap that I barely had time to touch those past two month but I will miss having my kids around me all day.

August 11, 2011

Bar Mitzvah

We have waited for this day to came when my boy who has reached the age of 13 celebrate his birthday - the Bar Mitzvah. he was steadying his Haftarah, that he need to read in the synagogue, for about 5 month and we celebrated the Bar Mitzvah festivity with our family and was such a great emotional weekend.

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