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September 20, 2010

My new handmade store

I'm so existed!!! I have opened my own handmade store today at!
I love to sew (as mush as I love to scrap) and opening a store for my sewing products is something that I have wanted to do for so long but never did.. until today...
I got to thank my amazing friends Erica and Randi Oh for been my first customers and for giving me that wake up call and push I needed for opening my store..Thank you girls!!!
Please visit my new store - 
Handmade accessories for women, teens and children

June 17, 2010

The pants for my baby

I just got this amazing owl fabric and had to use it! this fabric is so cute so I have sew a sweet little pants for my baby boy out of it.
I did not used any pattern for sewing those pants I just took one of his pants and copied the pants shape.
I have used this amazing pants tutorial for making my baby pants

and my layout using Jen Allyson kit

April 24, 2010

Pillowcase tunic

I love sewing clothing for my girl she is such a great model and she love to wear them so for me it's the perfect combination of the two.
I have made a tutorial in Hebrew about how to sew the tunic and gather it all in to four pages layout, even though my tutorial in not in English, I think that the photos showing it all 

March 02, 2010

Hybrid card...

I have made a new hybrid card. I have used Eva Kipler new "Big little man" kit and I just love the colors of this kit - so fun and full of life and I have used a template "Speedy Greetings 4 Card" by Chrissy W.

February 20, 2010

10 minutes headband - Sewing tutorial

I have made a few fast, fun and easy so sew headbands for my DD and I decided to make a little photographed tutorial about it. it is my first ever photographed tutorial.....

10 minutes headband - how to sew

1. Use a 1/4" or 1/2" width headband. (1 cm width headband)
cut your fabric 3.5" width and 17" long (8 cm width and 43 cm long fabric)

2. press your fabric in those 3 steps....
A. press your fabric strip in half

B. press the edges to the middle line

C. press your fabric strip in half one more time

3. sew both sides of the strip as close to the edge as you can

4. now to the fun part - simply slide your headband in to the fabric strip

5. we almost done ... now sew the ends of the strip

6. last step - use glue gun or fabric glue to glue down the strip ends

and we are done ....

February 17, 2010

The gogos box

The gogos are here and they driving my girl crazy! she love collecting them, so I have made her a little box to put her gogos doll collection in it....
Kit - Love Generation by sausandesigns
Template - Flip Top Box: Rectangle by Krisi's Kreations

February 16, 2010

Long time no sew....

Last week I needed a little break from scrapbooking and I was looking for a fun, easy sewing project to get me going and I have found this cute reversible ribbon headband tutorial.
so it's was time for me to get my sewing machine out, clean the dust out of her and start sewing after a year that I have not sew anything...this is what I ended up with...a cute headband for my girl...

New card - Spring flowers

I have made this new card today....its all about spring and flowers..I think it's one of my favorite cards I have made.
Kit - Love Bird by sausandesigns
Card template - Speedy greetings 3 (card template #2) by chrissy w.
Envelope template - Cover It Up: Invitation by Krisi's Kreations

February 03, 2010

Hybrid time....

I did not feel like scrapping much in the past few weeks but I have made some new hybrid projects...I got to say it one more time...hybrid is so much fun, so fun that I have empty my ink in one week....

This is my favorite greeting card I have made so far..
Credit: Challenge template -
Kit -

Another greeting card I have made for the card challenge. this card was given to my son friend that had a B-day this week
Credit: Challenge template -
Kit - Eva kipler

Those boxes was so fun and easy to make. One box I have gave to my parent (the box with my photo) I have filled the box with magnets made of photos from my sister wedding and the other box I have keep to my self and put greeting card inside.
Credit: box template by Krisi's Kreations
Kits :

And the last project was Matchbooks. one Matchbooks became a mini calendar and the other a mini album that I have gave to my DD to take with her to school to look at when ever she feel a little sad.
Credit: Matchbooks template by Krisi's Kreations
Kits: Eva Kipler,

Happy B-day to my baby!!!

My baby is 1 years old today!! I can't believe that it's been a year times fly. Its looks like it was just a minute ago when I gave birth and hold him in my arms all red and tiny...happy first B-day Yahav!!

February 03, 2009

February 03, 2010

January 22, 2010

New hybrid projects

I had a wonderful day yesterday.. I had time to hybrid!!! here are what I have ended up with... some more projects are still waiting on my desk to be completed.
Bundle Me Up: Label Me Up - Bottles and Water by Krisi's Kreations
Viva la diva by Eva Kipler

Bundle Me Up: Label Me Up - Bottles and Water by Krisi's Kreations
Love Birds Kit by Connie Prince

I have made this card for the Jan.14 card challenge at
viva la diva by Eva Kipler

January 18, 2010

Summer fun

last summer we had an amazing vacation in Eilat ... photos of my baby in the pool for the first time. Credit:
All Worn Out: Photograph and Paper Overlays 2 by Penny Springmann
Catch a Wave by Penny Springmann
Word Jumbles: Summer by Penny Springmann
12x12 Inspire Me Templates by Connie Prince

January 16, 2010

My husband

I just love it when I have time to scrap!!! I have made this layout for the January portfolios challenge at Sweet Shoppe - letter for the one you love. Eva Kipler and Connie Prince just got their new kits out and I had so much fun scrapping this layout of my DH with those new kits.....
Kit - Just Breathe by Eva Kipler
Template - On the go template by Connie Prince
Alpha - Earthy mama by Eva Kipler

January 15, 2010

Beep Beep....

My baby love his Bimba and he is walking all over the house with it...
Kit - Zoom Zoom by Connie Prince
Template - To Go by Connie Prince
Alpha and stitch - Earthy Mama by Eva Kipler

January 12, 2010

Project 365 week 1 layout....

I finally had little time to scrap today, so I have scraped my P365 week #1 photos.
12x12 Project 365 Templates Vol. 2 by Connie Prince
See details
Project 365 Grab Bag by Connie Prince & simply.scraps
Stitch Me: Basic Neutrals by Eva Kipler

January 07, 2010

New layout - Yuval

I have made this layout for the Portfolio challenge at Sweet Shoppe - "1 - Lift a layout by Jaclyn Bernardo, our Treat of the Month for January, and get to know her better in this month's special feature.
Photos of my 9 years DD from few weeks ago while we were eating in a wonderful restaurant Saturday noon
My Fair Lady by Penny Springmann at Sweet Shoppe
Jackson by Penny Springmann at Sweet Shoppe
Alpha - Kraft Alpha by DĂșnia Acauan at zigzagscrap
Word tag by Cheekymonkey at zigzagscrap

January 02, 2010

My sunshine

"A baby have a spacial way of adding joy in every day"
those are photos from July 09 when my baby was about 5mo and started to sit in his stroller explore the world while we traveled instead of sleeping
Alejandro by Eva kipler at Sweet shoppe
Word Jumbles: Boys by Penny Springmann at sweet shoppe
Template - Cookie Exchange challenge at Sweet shoppe

New layouts using Eva Kipler kits

I have made few new layouts using Eva Kipler new kits in the fast few weeks...
"Cousins are Flowers Picked from the same Garden"
Photos of my DD and her little cousins - I just love to see how much they love each other.
Kit - Oh so chic by Eva Kipler
Alpha - Earthy Mama by Eva Kipler

My kids in a fun Brazilian party (photos from 2007)
Party Central by Eva Kipler and Studio Flergs
Multi-Photos Templates by DĂșnia Acauan

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