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February 03, 2010

Hybrid time....

I did not feel like scrapping much in the past few weeks but I have made some new hybrid projects...I got to say it one more time...hybrid is so much fun, so fun that I have empty my ink in one week....

This is my favorite greeting card I have made so far..
Credit: Challenge template -
Kit -

Another greeting card I have made for the card challenge. this card was given to my son friend that had a B-day this week
Credit: Challenge template -
Kit - Eva kipler

Those boxes was so fun and easy to make. One box I have gave to my parent (the box with my photo) I have filled the box with magnets made of photos from my sister wedding and the other box I have keep to my self and put greeting card inside.
Credit: box template by Krisi's Kreations
Kits :

And the last project was Matchbooks. one Matchbooks became a mini calendar and the other a mini album that I have gave to my DD to take with her to school to look at when ever she feel a little sad.
Credit: Matchbooks template by Krisi's Kreations
Kits: Eva Kipler,


  1. הכל מקסים,
    אבל הקופסא- היא פשוט מדליקה ברמות!

  2. Your cards are beautiful, and I just LOVE that mini matchbook calendar!

  3. omgosh! These projects are BEAUTIFUL! I always get so jealous of these gorgeous hybrid projects!


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