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September 30, 2009

New layout - Cute as a Button

I have participate in a fun speed scrap at last night and it was so much fun, I'm such a slow scrapper so for me speed scrap is a big challenge LOL. Here is the layout I have ended up with...Photos of my 7mo baby..... Credit:
- Organic Kraft Papers by Jen Allyson at
- Spot colors collection by Jen Allyson at
- PhotoCuts—Masks v. 8 by Carina Gardner at
- Admit You're Happy by Eva Kipler at
- As good as it gets by Eva Kipler at

September 28, 2009

Card challenge - 365 cards - Day 211

Its Yom Kip, my baby is sleeping, the big kids are not at home and my DH is playing in his PS3 and me... I have a little time for me So....I have made one more card, I really love how this card turn out. For this card I have used:
- Day 211 sketch from 365 days blog challenge
- Paper and element from "I remember when..." collection by Carina Gardner at 2peas.

Card Challenge - Unscripted Sketches 25

I can't stop making cards! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my new cards but...I'm having so much fun! For this card I have used:
- Card challenge - Sketch it Saturday Unscripted Sketches 25
- Papers and elements are from Ladies Night kit by Eva Kipler and Lliella Designs at Sweet shoppe.

My take for this challenge sketch...

September 27, 2009

Creepy Crawly blog STOMP Oct. 10th

I just found this wonderful site - Paper Popsicles while I was looking for some fun card challenge , this site is so great I love their Sketches and Its looks like they will be having a "Creepy Crawly Blog Stomp" on October 10, I'm really not sure what it is I'm new to this site but Its looks like there is going to be so much fun!

My first hybrid Project

For some time now I'm looking at all those wonderful hybrid Project and those card challenge blogs and wanted to make one too So... I have decided to take my first baby step in to the hybrid world and made two fun Projects - bookmark and a card. I had so much fun making them but it took me forever to take a picture of it so I asked my DH to help me with the shooting. and now all I want to do is make some more!!!
My first ever bookmark - I have made a bookmark for my girl to put in her school book. Credit: Spot Color by Jen Allyson at 2peas.

And my first ever card - I so love this fun kit by Eva Kiplar and it works so perfectly for this happy card. Credit Project Cuts - Cut-Out Card by Jen Allyson at 2peas, Kit - Admit You're Happy By Eva Kipler at Sweet Shoppe.

Scrapbook News and Review Magazine - Re-Grand Opening Event

This event you do not want to miss....
"Double-header, double issue FREE weekend at Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. Come check out all the fun at From Saturday, September 26, 2009 until Sunday, September 27, 2009, we're celebrating the Grand Opening of our brand new website. Come get a gander at the site, chat on the forum, join in a challenge, play a game or two and the best part of all, see the inside of the magazine for FREE. Our Special Double Issue -- our largest issue of the year -- debuts on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. EST and from the moment of debut until 8:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, you'll have complete access to the world's largest online scrapbooking magazine.
With over 400 layouts (scrapbooking and digital), cards, stamping and altered art projects, product reviews, manufacturer spotlights and more, you'll be amazed at the incredible inspiration, fabulous tips, tricks and techniques, amazing tutorials and exciting eye candy. Don't delay -- register on our site today. You must be a registered user to play."

September 25, 2009

New layout - Amazing happiness

I love this photo of my baby boy from about 3 mo ago - he looks like a little angel wan he sleep.
I have found this perfect poem that saying all I wanted to say to go with this photo...
"We are glad you joined our family yet some things make us wonder, How can a little package like you have a voice thats loud as thunder? You are so small and oh so cute, But you are never very shy, for whenever you want something, You just open your mouth and cry.
First you moved on hands and knees, then you were up on your feet. We’are chasing you all around the house We’re tired we need a retreat! Some food is on the table some food is on the floor Seems the only place food didnt go, Is in the baby we adore.
Diapers here and diapers there,Stinky... smelly... Whew! Diapers would have done us in, If we did not love you as we do.We’are glad you joined our family, You’are a unique and wonderful treasure. So, despite the work of raising you, Being your parents is a total pleasure! "
For this layout I have used those kit....
Button Borders Solid Papers by Mary Ann Wise at 2peas
Grungy Edges2 Water Stained by Mary Ann Wise
Curled Photo Frames White by Mary Ann Wise
Word Borders Brush set by Mary Ann Wise
Adorn "Totally Twill" by Jen Allyson at 2peas

Friday Freebie #2

Happy Friday everyone! I have made a little freebie for you to play with.
You can grad your freebie HERE

September 24, 2009

Photo A Day - Do I know you?

Our baby is growing up so fast and he has started to be aware to everything around him. Photo A Day - Sep. 24... our 7mo baby is discovering our family dog, he is trying to touch him and figure out what is this big black furry thing that is running around him all the time. It's looks like its the same for our dog - he is too trying to figure out how is this new doll that is crawling after him all over the house.

September 22, 2009

CT layout - Cant ask for more

Carina Gardner at 2peas got out her new "I remember when..." line today and I got to tell you this new line is so beautiful and romantic ..I love it!! I was looking for so long a kit to fit my favorite photo of my DH and me and I'm so glad that I have finally found the kit I was looking for.
The Journal say : "Standing here with you listening to the rain Smile just to see the smile upon your face These are the moments I thank God that I am alive and these are the moments I will remember all my life. I have found all I have waited for and I could not ask for more. looking in your eyes seeing all I need everything you are is everything in me. these are the moments I know heaven must exist and these are the moments I know all I need is this. I have found all I have waited for, and I could not ask for more I could not ask for more than this time together I could not ask for more than this time with you and every prayer has been answered, every dream I have had is come true, right here in this moment is right where I am meant to be here with you here with me."

September 21, 2009

Photo A Day - Armed and asleep

I wanted to wake my son up and when I got to his room I saw the way his sleeping and what is laid next to him I just had to run and get my camera - He will be so angry at me for this photo but I had to!! that's what happened to you when you are the son of a scrapper girl.
Photo A Day - Sep. 21...The night before he was making a sort movie with lots of shooting effect so I guess that he just forgot his toy gun on his bad and just fall asleep... But it was so funny to see....

September 20, 2009

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Happy Rosh Hashanah!!! (Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, celebrated on the first and second days of Tishrei) I wish you all the best in the world, year of good health and endless happiness.
This year I hosted the holiday dinner at our house, it was the first time since I got married (almost 14 years now LOL) that I was the host and not the gust, that felt so wired and so exhausting! LOL but it was so much fun and we had an amazing feast that most of it was cooked by me wonderful brother-in-law - he is an amazing chef and we had So much food!!! I have so many leftovers in my refrigerator that i can feed another family!

September 17, 2009

New layouts - Eva Kipler CT

Eva Kipler made some amazing new kits this month - I'm so lucky to be a part of her CT and play with all those wonderful kit!

Here are few layouts I have made on Sep. using her new kits....
"Miracle" - Photo of my 6mo baby boy
Credit: Eva Kipler Admit You're Happy kit

"Bundle of Love"
- this one is my favorite layout.
Credit: My Wish for You by Eva Kipler @ SweetShoppe
Boston Bistro by Eva Kipler @ SweetShoppe

"My Tag blanket" - Photo of my baby boy, the journal say...
When I was 4mo. my mommy sew a two sides tag blanket for me to play with.
Credit - In Cahoots by Eva Kipler and Melissa Bennett at Sweet Shoppe

September 16, 2009

Photo a day - Look momy im standing

I was thinking that the only way for me to write about all those little moments in our everyday life is to participate in the project 365 - photo a day , yes I know It started in January but... Its never late to start.
So here is my today photo - Sep. 16...
Yahava wake up from his nap and started calling me (with his baby way of talking, mostly yelling are involved in this part of his talk ) to came and get him out of the bed. when I got in to his room I have seen him standing in his bed for the first time!!
got my phone - I did not had my camera within reach - and start shooting. he was so cute and even made some cute pose for me......

and in some point he decided that it more then enough for him and did not
hesitate to let me know about it in his own amazing way....

September 07, 2009

Septembar freebie

Hello everyone….It’s time for September blog freebie!!
As a CT of Eva Kipler I have made this fun and easy template as freebie for you to scrap with. please go to Eva Kipler blog, grab your freebie and take a look at Eva amazing new products

September 02, 2009

Yahav is trying to crawl

My baby started to crawl when he was 5mo old and my DH made
this cute video about it. Yahav first time crawling...

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