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September 16, 2009

Photo a day - Look momy im standing

I was thinking that the only way for me to write about all those little moments in our everyday life is to participate in the project 365 - photo a day , yes I know It started in January but... Its never late to start.
So here is my today photo - Sep. 16...
Yahava wake up from his nap and started calling me (with his baby way of talking, mostly yelling are involved in this part of his talk ) to came and get him out of the bed. when I got in to his room I have seen him standing in his bed for the first time!!
got my phone - I did not had my camera within reach - and start shooting. he was so cute and even made some cute pose for me......

and in some point he decided that it more then enough for him and did not
hesitate to let me know about it in his own amazing way....


  1. Oh, that must have been so cool to see him standing there for the first time!

  2. Oh my, these photos are awesome!!! So much fun when they stand up for the first time :)
    You're right about the 365 - that project is such a good idea, and it's never too late to start!!

  3. What sweet pictures. I am LOL at the last one though. Oh the tortued life of a scrapbooker's child. haha

  4. What cute photo's I love theis stage, thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

  5. What a joyful time in your life. He is adorable!

  6. i love the background on that first one!
    great lo's love each one.


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