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October 12, 2009

Some more hybrid projects....

I'm so new in the hybrid and card making scrap and have so much to learn - and so many supplies to buy - buy I'm in love with this fun new world!! I can't stop thinking about what will be my next project, I'm just having so much fun!
This card is my favorite so far ...I have made this card for the Tuesday Template (Hybrid Edition)- 10/6/09 at scrapmatters , Credit: Everything is from Spot Colors digital kit by Jen Allyson at

I have also tried to make a mini book for the first time ever ... I'm not sure if I like this book or not but.. there is always a first time to everything. Credit: "Imagine" Brag Book by Lynne-Marie at


  1. Yay! Another scrapper getting into hybrid! I think your works are awesome, Lilach! :)


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