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October 10, 2011

Large Zipper clutch / purse - New in my Handmade store

New in my  handmade store today - Large Zipper clutch / purse
A stylish pleated Large zipper Pouch/ Clutch / Purse made of Light corduroy fabric for your everyday needs, whether you are going for night out or just running your everyday errands, this unique clutch is the perfect fit. This purse is large enough to contain all of your essentials like home key, cell phone, lipstick, credit card, Id and car key and small enough to Carry it comfortably.
MEASUREMENTS (approximately) : 
- Large : 11.5” width X 6.5” height ( about 29.5 cm wide X 16.5 cm tall )
- Zipper long is 10" (25 cm)
This large zipper pouch was based on amazing patterns.


  1. Your pouches are gorgeous - I particularly like that embroidered linen fabric - lovely! I saw your bags on the IThinkSew pinterest board so I came over for a peek!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! :-)


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