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October 12, 2011

Unique Design makeup bag - New in my handmade store

You are going to love those new sweet makeup bags that I have uploaded to my handmade store today.
A unique art design zipper makeup bag. 
The outside of this cosmetics pouch is a unique digital art, designed by me using the talented mix made artists Tangie Baxter and  
Sausan designs scrapbooking kit and was printed on a high quality cotton fabric in my own home studio.
This makeup bag is large enough to contain all of your cosmetics essentials like eye shadow, lipstick, makeup, powder, eye liner and more.
This unique cosmetics bag made from medium weight cotton fabrics with a layers of stiffer for extra strength
- Measurement (approximately) : 
7.5 inches width x 7 inches height ( about 19 cm wide X 17.5 cm tall ) with boxing corners
Zipper long is 8" (20 cm)


  1. הגעתי מקומונת מקום קטן ליצירה והתאהבתי! הנרתיקים משגעים בטירוף
    נרשמת כמובן לעידכונים ושיהיה בהצלחה

  2. קודם כל המון תודה! אני חושבת שתיקי האיפור האילה הם המוצרים שאני הכי אוהבת..עובדת כרגע על עוד כמה עיצובים חדשים ומקווה להעלות לחנות אחרי החג
    להתראות בפוסט הבא ותודה שביקרת :-)

  3. Lovely! ---- new follower here, from Craftcount team.

  4. Thank you dear! off to visit your blog..... :-)

  5. I love these! So cute. Do you sell instructions for these?

  6. I'm sorry dear, I do not have instructions for making those makeup bags.
    I'm designing the bag prints using my Photoshop and digital kits and then printing them on the fabric in my studio.
    Every bag has his unique design and I'm trying not to make over 5 copies from every bag to keep it one of a kind. :)


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